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At Master Automation & Robotics, we manufacture paint shop conveyor and handling systems that meet the specific surface treatment and painting needs. Our automated conveying solutions are ideally suited for the paint shop environment and automation.

Component conveying system used in the paint shop is critical for the final finish quality and throughput. Our automated conveying solutions enable high productivity, perfect finish quality and cost efficiency. Freshly painted parts are delicate and fragile; they require special attention for their handling. Everything must be perfectly controlled as painting is done while parts are in motion. Any vibrations or speed inconsistencies compromise the final result. Pre-treatment process, painting and curing cycle times must be strictly achieved.

With our experience and expertise, we provide ideal paint shop conveyor and material handling solutions for:

  • Powder Coating plant
  • Pre Treatment plant
  • CED Coating plant
  • Phosphating plant
  • Wet Spray Painting plant

Overhead Conveyor

We offer a wide range of high quality and reliable overhead conveyor systems.  This monorail conveyor is used industry-wide for powder coating, pre treatment, spray painting, dip painting, e-coating and curing applications. They preserve floor space and allow for high quality painting. Different types of conveyer systems are available based on component size, weight and the application requirement. These include enclosed track conveyor and I Beam trolley conveyor. They can be used in various configurations such as inverted, side slot or slot down configurations.

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Power and Free Conveyor

Our power and free conveyors are one of the most flexible overhead conveying solutions. This paint shop conveyor uses two tracks. In one track, the power track, the chain is continuously running. In the other track, the free track, the chain pushes the trolleys forward with pusher mechanisms (known as “pusher dogs”) mounted at regular intervals. The power and free conveyor allows for:

  • Buffer and accumulation zones by queuing of components one behind the other
  • Bias banking for efficient storage and space utilisation
  • Automatic routing of components for module wise segregation, rejection, dedicated storage, etc.
  • Speed changes based on the process requirements
  • Drop and rises depending on the application and ergonomic requirement

Click here to see a video of our Power and Free Conveyor application in a Paint Shop and Power Coating Plant.

Oven Conveyor

Oven conveyors are typically used for curing after pre treatment, painting and coating processes. We offer floor based as well as overhead chain conveyors as oven conveyors. The conveyors are design and built to withstand the high temperature. Necessary provision is made in the conveyor to account for the chain expansion and lubrication. The speed of the conveyor is variable and can be set to match the curing time.

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Tow Conveyor

Our tow conveyors are ideal for mobile trolleys, dollies and carts. These component carriers are locked in the towing chain, which moves them from one point to the next. The tow conveyor typically runs in a loop with the component being loaded and unloaded on the carriers at defined stations. This type of paint shop conveyor can be located in the floor, flush with the floor or overhead. It is suitable for long distance and high frequency moves. The carriers typically move along a fixed path and in a batch.

Dip Type Transporter System

The dip type transporter system is used for the automated handling of components in a multi-tank dip type process. The system is programmed to pick and move the components to the next process tank after specified time. The dip timings are precisely controlled and matched with the required process timings. The transporter system does this without any manual intervention. The system is used industry-wide for 7 tank pre treatment process and ed coating. They find application for painting in CED coating plant, Pre treatment plant and phosphating plant. We have designed transporter system for components with span up to 16 m and weight of 3 tons.

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Electrified Monorail System

An Electrified Monorail System (EMS) is a highly flexible and intelligent conveying system. The motorised carriers with on-board control travel independently while coordinating with the other carriers and the overall system. The use of an electric monorail is the obvious choice if it is necessary to interconnect large spatial distances or even different buildings logistically. Unlike stationary conveyor systems (e.g. roller conveyors or carrier chain conveyor), the electric monorail system is far more efficient and fast.