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Master Automation & Robotics is one of the largest manufacturers of dip type transporter systems in India. The transporter system is suitable for material handling automation of various multi-tank processes such as pretreatment, plating, CED and oiling. The system is programmed to pick and place the components and assemblies after the specified time. It uses transport wagons running on guided tracks for dipping the components in the tanks and transferring them to the next tank.

Advantages of Dip Type Transporter Systems

In a dip type transporter system, multiple wagons are used to meet the required process and cycle times. The system is fully automatic removing manual intervention and increasing the productivity and efficiency. The exact process time in each time is accurately met ensuring. the final quality. The transporter system is highly suitable for heavy and big jobs and improves overall safety and work environment.

  • Suitable for long travel & multiple stations
  • Multi-wagon systems with high throughput
  • Compatible with CED & other coating processes
  • Perfect integration & safety interlocks with related equipment
  • Highly reliable design, easy to operate & maintain
  • Customised, flexible & modular solution based on  the application
dip type transporter, transporter, wagons, transporter wagons, 7 tank process, pretreatment plant, phosphating plant, ced coating plant, 3 wheeler painting, 3 wheeler ced

Dip Type Transporter System – Areas of Application

Pre treatment Plant / Phosphating Plant

Pretreatment is a fundamental prerequisite for any high quality coating. Wet or dry pretreatment, depends on the material to be coated. A pretreatment plant or a phosphating plant is customised according to the process requirements and cycle time. The transporter system is programmed based on the required timing in each tank and overall cycle time. It ensures that the component surface is perfectly ready for coating/painting.

For further information see: Pretreatment for Painting – Products Finishing

CED Coating Plant

Cathodic Electro Deposition (CED) is one of the most advanced and environment friendly water based coating process done on the metal components.  Combination of dip and spray ensures that the paint reaches at every corner of component. CED coating is most widely used coating process in automotive industry. The transporter system enables perfect control on the process and cycle time for high quality coating at minimal cost.

For further information see: Electrophoretic Deposition – Wikipedia

Plating Plant / Electroplating Plant

A Dip Type Transporter System plays an important role in modern plating plants for highly efficient and operator friendly production. Electroplating involves the deposition of a thin protective metallic layer onto a prepared surface of metal, using electrochemical processes. Being specialised in material handling systems, we offer wide range of transporter systems for plating application. The transporter wagons provide the means for mechanised movements of parts through the tanks. They control the process time accurately for high quality plating at lowest cost.


Besides the above application, the dip type transporter system finds use in many other multi-tank processes and plants. These include copper deposition, coating (e.g. autophoretic), quenching, oiling and lubrication.

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