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Overhead Conveying Systems

We supply three main types of Overhead Conveying Systems:

  • Closed-track type
  • I-Beam type
  • Power & Free type

All the conveyors, I-Beam as well as Closed-track are designed as per US and European standards. The conveyors are available in continuous, stop-&-go as well as power & free solutions. Areas of application include pretreatment, paintshops, storage, assembly/testing lines, cooling/curing and material transport.

Closed-track Type

In the closed-track type conveyor the chain runs in an enclosed track. Components and assemblies are hung on the chain through a slit at on the lower face of the track. The conveyor has many unique features:

  • Fully bi-planar chain with semi-precision ball bearing
  • Extremely compact layout possible due to bend radius of 305 mm
  • Heavy forged steel links and bi-planar blocks connected by high-tensile rivets
  • Track manufactured from cold rolled steel
  • Fully enclosed track for debris free operation
  • Special PLC controlled mist type lubrication system
  • Maximum working temperature of 260 degree Celsius

I-Beam Type

In the I-Beam type conveyor the chain is assembled with trolleys, which run on a I-Beam track. Components and assemblies are hung on the 2-wheel trolleys. The conveyor has has the following features:

  • Drop forged, high strength ribbed steel brackets attached to the wheels
  • High quality drop forged rivet less chain with high strength-to-weight ratio
  • Extremely flexible chain in both horizontal & vertical planes
  • Easy to assemble and service with minimum maintenance
  • Special lubrication system for rollers and moving components
  • Maximum working temperature of 260 degree Celsius

Power & Free Type

The Power & Free type overhead conveyor is one of the most flexible overhead material handling systems. These conveyors are available in I-Beam as well as Closed-track design. The conveyors can be integrated into a turnkey handling solution or operate as an independent solution. The power & free conveyors additionally offer the following features:

  • Buffer and accumulation zones by queuing of components one behind the other
  • Bias banking for efficient storage and space utilization
  • Automatic routing of components for module wise segregation, rejection, dedicated storage, etc.
  • Speed changes based on the process requirements
  • Drop and rises depending on the application and ergonomic requirement