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At Master Automation & Robotics, we build overhead gantry robot and pick and place machine for various applications. These applications include machine loading and unloading, part transfer, palletising and changing component orientation. The gantry robot or the pick and place robot reduce handling damages, operator fatigue and the space requirement, while increasing the productivity and efficiency.

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The following special features characterise our gantry robots and pick and place machines:

  • High speed transfer using servo control where required
  • Suitable for long travel & multiple stations
  • Perfect gripping of big & heavy components with critical geometry
  • Precise component positioning, orientation & placement
  • Customized, modular & flexible solutions based on the application
  • Perfect integration & safety interlocks with related equipment

With the new industrial revolution (industry 4.0) under way, there is a need to automate/digitise even the simplest processes to keep companies competitive, efficient and secure. Our automated gantry and pick and place systems helps achieve these goals. The benefits of using an automated pick and place machine go far beyond increase in productivity.

Gantry Robot

The gantry robot is a 3-axis rectangular plane Cartesian coordinate robot, which performs pick and place tasks and also detects the obstacles in its path. The robot runs on a machined beam with defined stations. It typically has a rack and pinion arrangement in X and Y direction. While working in X direction, the rack will be fixed and pinion will be moving. For the Y direction rack will be moving and pinion will be stationary. The control system ensures the speed and stopping accuracy.

The gantry robot plays an important role in replacing manual work, especially in heavy manufacturing, hazardous environment and high-speed production. It helps achieve production speed, efficiency and accuracy, which is not possible through manual operations. The gantry robot also adds lot of flexibility to the production process. Moreover, it is a completely modular system that can be scaled up in the future to meet higher production needs.

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Pick and Place Machine

Manual picking and placing is inefficient and prone to damage. Compared to a pick and place machine, the manual process is slow, inflexible and unsafe. A pick and place machine uses automation making the process much more reliable and efficient.

The pick and place machine is designed based on the required accuracy, weight of the object, metal and non-metal detection, obstacle detection and overall cost. A programmable logic controller (PLC) or an industrial PC controls the entire system. Sometimes a pick and place robot is used to meeting the application requirement.

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