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welding automation, welding robot, 
automated welding, automatic welding, robotic welding

Welding Automation

Welding automation refers to the use of equipment for welding that run automatically without the need for an operator. The welding process is controlled by computer programs. This process improves the welding quality and production efficiency. With automation, the quality, speed and reliability is very high. Hence, the welding automation systems are finding wide use in industry, especially for mass production.

Our welding automation systems are designed to meet the welding quality and cycle time requirement.

  • Guaranteed production and welding quality
  • Fully integrated with welding equipment and robots
  • Flexible system able to handle variety of models
  • Precise component positioning, orientation and clamping
  • Integrated end-to-end handing solution
  • Close partnership with experts in field of welding

Click here to see an example video of our integrated robotic welding automation lines

Robotic Welding Automation

As the name suggests, Robotic Welding systems use a robot for welding. The robot holds the torch and is programmed to move it along the welding path. The robot is able to reach into inaccessible areas and perform critical welding task. Moreover, the welding is done at very high speeds with equally high precision. Furthermore, the robot can be taught and programmed with different welding tasks and hence provides a very high level of flexibility.

With their positioning accuracy and welding parameter control, they eliminate the welding inconsistencies and errors. The production efficiency and throughput cannot be matched with manual process. Also, the uses of robots make the welding process extremely safe and accident-free.

Part Loading & Unloading System for Automated Welding

welding automation, welding robot, 
automated welding, automatic welding, robotic welding

At Master Automation & Robotics, we specialise in welding automation systems where the material handling is critical. High accuracy handling system is required for precise positioning and accuracy of the parts. The positioning accuracy of the components is extremely critical for the quality of the weld. The handling system also eliminates operator fatigue and improves the overall safety of the welding operation.

An overhead pick and place gantry type of handling system is very common for part loading and unloading. It loads the parts to be welded on welding fixture or workstation at the right position with the right orientation. After the welding is over, it picks up the parts and transfers them to the next station. The handling system integrates perfectly with the welding fixture, robots and related equipment.

Part Conveying Systems for Automated Welding Lines

A typical automated welding line has a numbers of parts to be welded to together. These parts have different sizes, geometries and weights. They have to be brought to the right welding station traveling sometimes over long distances. The heavy parts require special handling to avoid operator fatigue and ensure safety.

At Master Automation & Robotics, we give the complete solution of automated welding lines including the part conveying systems. These conveying systems, such as shuttles, overhead conveyors, floor conveyors, are selected based on the requirement. They are perfectly integrated into with the welding robots, fixtures, and automatic loading and unloading system to form a fully integrated solution.

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