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What is an Electrified Monorail System?

The effectiveness of any automation system depends entirely on the quality of its underlying electrical, mechanical and control engineering. Our Electrified Monorail System (EMS) are highly flexible and intelligent conveying systems suitable for various applications such as assembly, painting, testing and transfer. It is built to ensure that product is always moved in the safest, quietest, cleanest and most efficient way possible.

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An EMS system is an electric monorail system that carries parts individually to each workstation. It is an overhead rail-bound means of conveyance with individually driven carriers, which move independently on the rail system. The track consists of joined section rails and integrated busbars, which can be extended to the desired length. Branch points can be implemented on the line with the aid of switch points. The vehicles are supplied with power and control signal via collector wires on the carrier rail.

The motorised carriers with on-board control travel independently while coordinating with the other carriers and the overall system. The use of an EMS is the obvious choice when it is necessary to interconnect large spatial distances or even different buildings logistically.

The EMS system is completely modular. The travel loops are designed to meet the production & layout requirement. The track switches and elevators offer lot of flexibility in terms of the layout and component movement.

Special Features of an Electrified Monorail System

  • Customised, modular & flexible design based on the application
  • Rapid & precise point to point movement
  • Clean, quiet & maintenance free operation
  • Perfect integration & safety interlocks with related equipment
  • High speed transfer over long distances
  • Carriers with on-board intelligence & programmable controls
  • Suitable for components with big size, high weight & critical geometry
  • Ergonomic & safe operation

Main Applications of on Electrified Monorail System

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